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What Is The Basic Principle Of Plastic Flame Retardant Modification?
Sep 05, 2018

(1) The flame retardant is located in the agglutination phase endothermic differentiation, and then the relative temperature in the agglutination phase slows up to postpone the thermal differentiation temperature of the plastic, the use of flame retardant thermal differentiation of the non-combustible gas generated by the gasification heat to drop the temperature. 

(2) Flame retardant heat-differentiated, releasing the response to capture incineration OH (hydroxyl) free radical flame retardant, so that the free radical chain reaction of the incineration process to stop the chain-lock response.

(3) In the heat effect, the flame retardants appear endothermic phase change, blocking the temperature rise in the condensation phase, so that the burning reaction slowed down until stopped. 

(4) Catalytic agglutination phase thermal differentiation, the occurrence of solid-phase products (coking layer) or foam layer, blocking the heat transfer effect. This keeps the agglutination phase temperature at a lower level, resulting in a decrease in the composition of the gas-phase response material (flammable gas-differentiated products).

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