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What Are The Basic Ways To Improve The Plastic Hook Gloss?
Sep 05, 2018

In addition to the reasonable choice of material, the method of adding brightening, blending and brightening, shape control and brightening method, the control of the finish of the molding equipment, two times processing and brightening method and the appearance coating brightening method, etc.

This pair of hanging bar, rack hook, press buckle hook, sticky hook, s hook, socks hook and other professional products of the production impact, product appearance improvement has improved a lot. The choice of plastic materials, plastic materials can be divided into two categories of resins and additives. Generally think that the following resins correspond to the gloss of the product is better: melamine resin, ABS, PP, HIPS, PA, POM, PMMA, PPO, etc., in the meantime, melamine resin and ABS two kinds of gloss most outstanding.

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