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Teach You How To Choose A Plastic Hook For Leveling Hooks
Sep 06, 2018

1, select the bonding method. Decoration Hook According to the adsorption method can be divided into non-mark hooks, suction cups hook, binding hooks, adhesive hooks, and so on, no trace hooks and suction cups will not leave traces in the adhesive surface, but relatively not stable; The custom hooks are more stable than the adhesive hooks, but they leave traces on the adhesive surface. Buyers can pick the right hooks based on actual needs.

2. Selection of raw materials. The material of the hook directly affects its supporting force. Decoration hooks are usually wood, plastic, iron and resin 4 kinds of commonly used raw materials, iron hook of the Tonie is the highest, but simple rust; the other several raw materials supporting the relatively low, each has its own characteristics, can be based on the use of practical selection of raw materials linked.

3. Check before buying. Buy the time to check the hook, one is to see whether the hook is well-constructed, no cracks, broken; second, can test the hook is not strong, like a suction cup, no mark Hooks, can hang up and pull a try.

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