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Shoe Hook Use Precautions
Sep 06, 2018

Many of the daily life of the shoe hook will have a shelf life, if coupled with no maintenance, it will often release some of the harmful substances, accompanied by food or drinks and other ways into the body, and then to the body caused injury, so that the maintenance of the shoe hook is also very important. People in the use of plastic tools, often encountered such a situation, plastic hardening, brittle, discoloration, cracking and performance degradation, which is the plastic aging. Or have heard, plastic enterprises in the manufacturing process to add some anti-aging agent, can slow down its ageing phenomenon, but this does not solve the problem fundamentally. So in order to more reasonable use of shoes hook, the use of the process, do not let the sun exposure, do not let the rain, also do not use in high temperature, not often contact with water or oil and so on. Of course, there is, once found that the shoe hook aging, it needs to be replaced in a timely manner, the material used is non-toxic.

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