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Plastic Tissue Holder Order
Nov 21, 2018

The plastic industry in China is developing constantly in the adjustment, transformation and upgrading of industrial structure, maintaining the trend of rapid of development.

Just like the picture shown, the output of plastic industry grows sharply. It accounts for 20% of the world output.


On the meantime, a survey shows the export volumes of our China plastic products are increasing gradually in recent years. It indicated the quality of China products is becoming high. So why you don’t choose our products? Our company is a factory, which is specialized in daily plastic household products with good quality and competitive price. We are also committed to providing customers with excellent after-sales service.

I think choose us must be a good choice.


An American customer ordered a container of goods a few months ago. Although the time is a little urgent, we tried our best to deliver the goods on time. We aim to meet all the requirements of our customers. There is some pictures for your reference. You won't regret choosing us.


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