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New Technology For Plastic Hooks To Bring Challenges To Work
Sep 05, 2018

With the progress of the society and the use of the field of quality recognition, plastic hook production quality level has been more and more attention.

"Quality is the key element of the market competition, whether it is the new shopping malls, new consumers are still trading in the potential factors of obstruction, quality is the most important." As the world's largest plastic peg production and application countries, training technology-driven and quality competition advantage is to ensure and promote the sustainable development of China's plastic linked work is an important basis. Plastic hook work with other "Made in China" the same, the urgent need to end industrial promotion, from the "Big Country" to "great power" move forward, the whole work should continue to improve integrity and self-discipline system, guide the work of health, promote the implementation of standardization strategy, improve the quality of production, build brand awareness, add product competition, promote work quality To promote the promotion of industry by quality progress.

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