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Knowledge And Characteristics Of Plastic Hook Disinfection
Sep 05, 2018

Buy plastic hangers need to pay attention to 3 aspects:

1. See the material of the hanger, if the plastic hangers to look carefully: if there is luster, the surface is rounded, there is no burr, flexibility good (change 120 degrees do not crack) is made of disposable materials, such as rough surface, too hard, burr more, cracking place gray white is scrap production.

2. See the hanger's endurance. The weight of wet clothes weighs more than dry clothes, and the endurance of hangers is very important. The key is whether it is durable.

3. See if the packaging is beautifully printed, whether the trademark is registered, whether the company name, address and telephone are clearly marked or clear.

Production and characteristics of plastic hangers:

1. The clothes that hang up are smooth and easy to use.

2. According to customer requirements can produce a variety of materials or a variety of color products.

3. The use of PP or ABS materials can be useful to prevent the risk of easy to break.

4. Choose the original package polypropylene production, with softness is not easy to crack, good quality. 

5. The use of special techniques to hang clothes will not occur after the tilt or drop phenomenon.

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