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4 Ways To Make Plastic Hooks Stronger?
Sep 05, 2018

1. Hair dryer Hand cream firmly hook.

Take out your hand cream, squeeze a little bit on the hook of the suction cup surface, with hand wipe evenly, and then pick up the hair dryer to the suction cup blowing, blow to the suction cup on the surface of the semi-dry, the suction cup above the excess grease wipe clean, and then put the hook attached to the wall, this time the hook suction cup is much more 

2. The egg swab is firmly linked. 

In the refrigerator to take an egg, the egg into the bowl, and then take a clean cotton swab, dipped in egg whites, evenly applied to the surface of the hook suction cup, do not dip too much of the egg whites, and then attach the hook to the wall, do not rush to hang things, such as egg clear solidification dry and then hang things,

The load-bearing and adhesion of the hooks are greatly enhanced and will not drop easily. 

3. Warm water is firmly pegged.

There is also a very simple method, just take a basin of warm water, and then the newly bought hook suction cup soaked in warm water, about five minutes later removed, and then to adsorption to the wall, so that the hook is much stronger, and the weight of the load greatly enhanced. 

4. Special reminder: 

Whether the home with a glue hook or suction cup hook, before the wall, it is best to use the hot air with a hair dryer to attach the wall to the place, and hook adhesion to blow, after blowing heat, and then attach the hook on the wall, so that hook adhesion and bearing weight will improve a lot.

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