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Why are plastic hooks fading?
Sep 06, 2018

1, plastic linked to light-resistant colorant directly affect the fade of the product, by strong light exposure to outdoor products, the use of the Color of Light (sun) grade requirements is an important indicator, poor light level, plastic hooks in use will soon fade. Plastic hook selection of light-resistant grade should be no less than six, the best choice of indoor products can be selected 

2. Thermal stability of heat-resistant pigments refers to the degree of heat loss, discoloration and fading of pigments at the processing temperature. Inorganic pigments are metal oxides, salts, good thermal stability and high heat resistance. The pigments of organic compounds can be changed in molecular structure and a small amount of decomposition at a certain temperature. 

3, antioxidant Some of the organic pigments in the oxidation of large molecules after the degradation or other changes in the gradual fading, the process is the high temperature oxidation, and the second is the oxidation of strong oxidizing agents (such as chromium in chrome yellow) occurs. When the color lake, azo pigment mixed with chrome yellow, red will gradually decrease.

4, acid-alkaline coloring of plastic linked to the fading and coloring agent of chemical resistance (acid-alkaline, oxidation-reduction resistance) related.

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