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What’s the recent news about the plastic materials?
Nov 20, 2018

     People who have cars will very happy in recent, why is that? Because of the oil price is fall. And in the meantime, we will also find that the plastic material price is also fall. So, why not buy some plastic products?


Since in the middle of November, we often heard the oil price is fall, then we also can hear that plastic material’s price is also fall. They are interconnected. When oil price has change, the plastic material price also has changed. And the oil can extract many kinds of raw plastic materials.

And in the future, this price will still fall. I think this is a good new for buyers, you can stock up, also can buy some new products to test.


Normally, we often use PP, PVC, ABS, PS as our products’ material, and besides these plastic, we also will know the PA, PC and other dozens of plastic material for using.

Our company produces and manages our plastic house and home products---racks, soap savers, paper holders, towel holders, hanging hooks, storage baskets and so on. Anyway, we also can custom as your request sizes and colors. Welcome to visit our factory, company and sample room. 

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