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Plastic hooks, sticky hooks, sticky sticks
Sep 06, 2018

Before sticking, clean the wall first. Stick the sticky place must be as smooth as possible, in order to increase the viscous material and the contact area of the wall as much as possible. That's a lot of people know. But what many people do not know is that before pasting hooks, be sure to wipe the wall with a damp cloth, remove the dust, and then wipe off the moisture with a dry cloth (or paper towel).

The dust on the wall will damage the sticky hook to a great extent, leading to the failure of the sticky hook.

If you are not in a hurry, wait half an hour after drying the walls to make sure that the moisture is completely evaporated and the effect is better. After the paste is finished, hold the sticky hook with your hand for at least 1 minutes (of course, the longer the better).

It is not enough to make sure that the sticky material and the wall are fully bonded, and that a lot of people are glued and let go. Please do not hang heavy objects immediately. In general, I stick the hook, will let the hook and wall alone for at least 24 hours, if want to effect good, 48 hours is better. A lot of people in a sticky and anxious to hang things, this back to the sticky hook a force, so that sticky material away from the wall, can not be fully integrated. As a result, it can be better to give viscous substances at least 24 hours of time. Pay attention to the above methods, I believe that after sticking when the method will be noticed, sticky hooks will not be so fast failure!

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