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Plastic hook industry to green environmental protection
Sep 06, 2018

First, innovation and development of new plastic materials and processing technology, so that more excellent performance of plastic into packaging materials, and the use of new materials, high-performance, to achieve the reduction of packaging materials;

Second, through independent research and development and technological innovation, reduce the cost of new packaging materials, new technology, to avoid high costs, many in line with the green packaging of plastic materials can not be used in large areas of the problem;

Third, improve and improve the plastic recycling and processing technology, so that packaging materials recycling efficiency greatly improved, improve and eliminate plastic packaging materials cause white pollution hidden dangers, improve resource utilization;

Four, the development of intelligent and other advanced packaging technology means, the use of some plastic packaging materials with the edible, water-soluble characteristics, reduce the amount of packaging waste, improve packaging safety and environmental performance.

The development of bio-based plastics, effectively control the degradation time and cycle of bioplastics, in full play the role of bio-plastic linked packaging materials at the same time, reduce and eliminate the plastic packaging materials on the ecological environment pollution and impact; Six, the promotion of plastic hook blending technology, plastic additives new products and application technology progress and development, in order to ensure that plastic packaging materials non-toxic, health, environmental protection, the use of low-cost technology to improve the performance of plastic packaging materials, to reduce the possibility of providing.

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