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How to identify plastic hook bad products
Sep 06, 2018

Plastic hook is the main ingredient is plastic, the main components of plastic are:

1.The main ingredient of plastic material is carbon-containing compounds.

2. Plastic raw materials: is a polymer resin (polymer) as the main ingredient, infiltration of a variety of auxiliary materials or additives, at a specific temperature, pressure, with plasticity and fluidity, can be molded into a certain shape, and under certain conditions to maintain the shape of the material.

3. Polymers: Refers to the polymerization process produced by pure materials or polymeric materials. Whether natural or synthetic resins are polymers, or polymers.

4. Plastic on the electricity, heat, sound with good insulation: Electrical insulation, arc resistance, insulation, sound isolation, acoustic absorption, vibration absorption, excellent performance of anechoic. Plastic raw materials is a large part of the oil from some of the refined, the most familiar part of the PC is extracted from the oil, PC material in the burning when there is a smell of gasoline; ABS is extracted from the coal, abs in the burn out when it will be soot-like; Pom is extracted from natural gas, Pom at the end of the burn will have a very smelly gas smell.

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