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Wall Mounted Plastic Hair Dryer Holder

Wall Mounted Plastic Hair Dryer Holder

New design clear wall mounted plastic hair dryer holder, our company designer design it, then we made a mold, start to product, package, customer order, we deliver goods.

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Good service, seems like a easy words, it’s not so easy to do it actually. When customers have any questions or needs, we need to reply them right away. Especially after goods arrival, customers find the goods have any questions, they will be very angry and we need to think out the solutions.

You will find it’s convenient that hair dryer have place to hang, it can keep hair dryer dry and neat. Besides, you can put some normal sundries in the middle of holder.

Product Feature

1. Classical color

2. Hang the two hair dryers

3. No hole

4. No drill

5. Easy to install


Wall mounted plastic hair dryer holder Specification

Product Name:

wall mounted plastic hair dryer holder



Product Size:




Packing size:


Carton QTY:



Gift box

1. This plastic hair dry is designed by our company designer, and we had sell it in China already, most customers said it’s useful and durable.

2. Although it’s not folding, it’s two places for hang hair dry, and when you dry your hair, you can see the phone or pad in the meantime.

3. In order to hang hair dry in long time, we use super glues as back stickers, it has very super viscous force, so you don’t worry about it will drop.

4. In the middle of hair dry holder, there is a groove to put phones, pads, watches, combs, rings and other sundries, then you don’t worry about losing something.

5. You can keep hair dryer dry and neat, and you can take it easily when you use this style holder in bathroom.

6. Because of back magic sticky, after using this holder, you will find that the wall surface still be good just like use before.

7. As a new supplier, we think a lot of delivery service, because the customers also regard as important.

8. About the plastic hair dryer holder inner package, we provide two styles for choose---ordinary box or custom box.



1. The products are designed by your company?

Yes, these products were designed and made of our company designers, we have products’ patents, so we don’t fear any more

2. Can you provide the DDP price service?

Yes, we can. Besides, we can provide EXW price, FOB NINGBO OR SHANGHAI price service, just as you like.

3. How many people of your research group?

There is nearly 10 peoples, and they are all professional product research and development peoples, they can design many new styles of products.

4. Why customers will choose your company?

Because only experienced 2 years, our factory had be a one of good company in household daily-used products.

5. What kind of certificates you have?

We have past SGS, FDA test, and we are trying to get the other products’ test certificates and patents.

6. Refer to MOQ?

Yes, of course. The products’ MOQ is 100 pcs. In general, MOQ is 50-100pcs, and if you really need, you can contact me to order smaller order.


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